Ford: We need to put 40 good overs together


Sri Lanka coach Graham Ford is positive t hat his team can put a good run together at the World T20 despite the defending champions not having the best results of late.

The Asian side have lost experienced members of the team through retirement and the younger players have not hit the ground running in their international careers.

Speaking ahead of their opening Super 10 clash against Afghanistan on Thursday, Ford, who took over as Sri Lanka's coach earlier this year, says the team just need to put 40 overs of good cricket together.

Ford said: "We have to be realistic and got to understand that we are behind some of the teams at this stage, but it's not to say that we can't all come right very quickly.

"The lads are determined to work hard. It's more about putting 40 overs of good cricket together than periods of good cricket during the 40 overs.

"The opposition teams are very good we just can't afford to drop your standards or drop your guard for a couple of overs because the game T20 cricket changes so very quickly.

"If you are looking at a complete 40 overs you will have periods of guys who have played very few cricket at this level."