Former Zim star found in stranger’s car

County Cricket

Former Zimbabwe captain Brendan Taylor was left a bit red-faced this week when he was found sleeping in the back of a stranger's car in Nottingham, having failed to find his way home after a night on the town.

Taylor, playing for Nottinghamshire as a Kolpak player, was celebrating with team mates after their win against Durham, and according to the Nottingham Post, couldn't find his way home so got into the car to sleep and avoid the rain.

Michael Whitaker opened his car door to go to work when he found Taylor asleep. Whitaker called the police, but soon realised who the intruder was, and nothing came of the innocent, yet amusing, incident.

Whitaker told the newspaper: "I did not know what to do. Someone I didn't know had fallen asleep in our car.

"An officer tried to wake him up and when he came round, he was dazed. It was the most bizarre situation I think I have ever been in.

"Neither myself, the police or Brendan knew what to do. I don't think he knew where he was but he was very apologetic and it quickly became clear that it was very innocent.

"Realising who it was made it even funnier because how often do you find an international cricket star asleep in your car?

"We just see the funny side of this now. It was one of the best excuses to be late for work ever."

Nottingham police added:  "We attended the scene but concluded that no offence had been committed. The man in the car was extremely apologetic and even offered to get the car valeted."