Gambhir wants to be a mentor


India batsman Gautam Gambhir says that he has matured as a cricketer and a man and feels like he could mentor young players.

Gambhir was never shy about questioning those in authority and has conceded that in the past international snubs effected his focus in the IPL.

He has however helped the Kolkata Knight Riders win the Indian Premier League twice and now wants to make an impact as a leader.

Gambhir told PTI: “Back in 2011, I remember it was January and the only worry I had was whether I will be picked for the 50-over World Cup later that year or not.

“It was only on the day of the auction, I had a few butterflies in my tummy. Now, seven years later, I have a broader view to life and cricket.”

It is unclear if KKR will chase the opener again having opted to release him in the recent shakeup.

Gambhir insisted he was ready to perform for any franchise: “I am at a stage of my career where I want to be a senior statesman, a mentor to the younger cricketers. Whether that happens in KKR, Sunrisers, Delhi, Mumbai I am absolutely fine with it.”

The World Cup winning batsman says he would be a little disappointed if KKR didn’t acquire his services at auction but it would not be the end of the world for him.

Gambhir said: “Yes it will be, it will be tough as KKR gave a platform to express myself as a batsman, a leader, as a human. But at the end of the day I respect the call KKR has taken, they have some solid reasons behind the move which they have explained and I am fine with them.

“There are no hard feelings at all, may be there are fresh challenges waiting for me. I will be glad to accept them and turn things around. Lets see what happens,” he said. He is always considered captaincy material for his exploits at KKR but he believes a skipper is as good as his team.

“A leader is as good as his team. So, in that case I was fortunate to have led KKR. My team is the real hero, I am not. Other than all this, I think it is upto the franchisees to think what I bring to the table. I am content with the fact that I have been a part of two teams that have won the IPL title.”