Ganguly: Nothing wrong with Eden Gardens

Former India captain Sourav Ganguly, in his capacity as secretary of the Cricket Association of Bengal, says the outcry over the Eden Gardens outfield not drying in time for the T20 against South Africa is being blown out of proportion.

The third ODI was abandoned on Thursday without a ball bowled as the outfield did not drain in time. But Ganguly says it was more a case of the field being not covered correctly in the first place.

He also said that a historic ground such as this was bound to have a rained out game or two, and that plenty of other big venues have suffered a similar fate and endured no backlash.

Ganguly told ESPNcricinfo: "There is no issue at all. We should have done a better job yesterday in terms of the covering the outfield, which we'll take care of. 

"But in terms of the drainage and as far as the ground facilities are concerned, there is no problem at all.

"We hosted the IPL final also this season with a 70,000 capacity which was as big as any. 

"When you have cricket matches over 25 years there would be one or two matches that would be washed away especially when monsoon drags along to September and October in Kolkata.

"Are there not other venues around the world that have been washed out due to rain? There have been days where games have been washed out at Lord's also, Melbourne also, Cape Town also."