Gavaskar released as interim BCCI president

The supreme court has released former captain Sunil Gavaskar as interim president of the Board of Control for Cricket in India.

The India supreme court has released former captain Sunil Gavaskar as interim president of the Board of Control for Cricket in India, after he was appointed to the role in March and in charge of the IPL.

Gavaskar had written to the BCCI to ask what exactly his role was now that the IPL was over, and initial reports said Gavaskar was unhappy with the BCCI and wanted compensation for his commentary role.

Gavaskar denied this to Cricinfo though: "I have not written to the Supreme Court complaining about the BCCI or anything as the story suggests. All I have written to the Superme Court is asking for the clarification regarding my current situation.

"The first order, given at the end of March, was pretty clear that I would be the BCCI interim president, IPL, till the end of the tournament. In the middle of May the court said Shivlal Yadav (the new interim president) and I would continue till further orders. So it is just that little bit of confusion and that is all that I had asked for.

"This business of asking for any compensation from BCCI is utter rubbish. I wanted an update from the court on whether I am still the temporary BCCI president, IPL, because the Champions League T20 starts soon.

"I did not mention not one word about compensation. It is an utterly mischievous story. Whoever has put this out owes me an apology."

Meanwhile Yadav, who was the vice-president, has expressed a desire to have ICC chairman N Srinivasan take over from him at the BCCI, and that the corruption investigation that saw Srinivasan suspended would soon be over.

Yadav said: "I pray to God that all the bad period that we are only reading about in the media will be over as soon as possible and you will take over from me.

"Today, the cricketing fraternity is grateful to Mr Srinivasan as no former Presidents of the BCCI had the guts or willingness to look after them to pay one-time benefit, which Srinivasan has done not only to Test cricketers but to Ranji Trophy cricketers also.

"Many Presidents have come and gone after serving their term, today because of Mr Srinivasan's benevolence that many cricketers, who have suffered in their lifetime particularly the Ranji Trophy cricketers have struggled in getting pittance of money. Today, they are leading good life because of Srinivasan's guidance and benevolence."