Gayle unlikely for BBL despite Sutherland comments


Cricket Australia chief executive James Sutherland says it is not a foregone conclusion that Chris Gayle will not play again in the Big Bash League (BBL) although the big West Indian is unlikely to appear in the tournament in future.

The big-hitting Windies opener was fined for his exchange with former Channel Ten broadcaster Mel McLaughlin in last season's tournament when he attempted to flirt with her while on air and Sutherland was one of the first to denounce his behaviour.

Together with BBL chief, Anthony Everard, Sutherland said that CA reserves right veto the overseas recruits of their franchises but Sutherland backtracked when he confirmed it is ultimately up the teams who they recruit.

Sutherland told the Daily Telegraph: "No matter what anyone at Cricket Australia thought at management level, board level, I think you're on a slippery slope if you start making judgements on players who could or shouldn't be playing in the Big Bash League or in our domestic competitions.  

"Because, when does that ever end? My view is unless there's a very, very strong reason along the lines of anti-corruption, then it's difficult for us to be making those judgements.

"I'm not saying that it wouldn't happen, but my judgement is that it's not appropriate, it's about the teams themselves to make the calls."