Gillespie: England cannot let Lyon settle


Yorkshire coach Jason Gillespie says England must not let Australia spinner Nathan Lyon settle into a spell of bowling and must look to attack him in the upcoming Ashes series.

Gillespie, a former Australia international, feels the Three Lions made a critical error in their last Test series against New Zealand when they just let offspinner Mark Craig bowl at them in the second Test, which the Black Caps won to level the  series.

The 71 Test-capped Gillespie said: "Lyon will play a big role for Australia and that is somewhere where England simply have to be proactive – they cannot let him settle.

"That's where England missed a massive trick in the Test series against New Zealand; they let Mark Craig bowl and go at 1.8 runs an over in the first innings at Headingley and it played a big part in why they lost.

"That's just unacceptable batting. There is not an off-spinner in world cricket who should go at under two runs an over, so they cannot let Lyon settle into a groove. They need to put pressure back on him."

Gillespie, who was a strong candidate to get the England coaching job before it went to compatriot Trevor Byliss, says the Aussies will definitely target England's spinner.

The 40 year-old Gillespie continued: "You can be sure as hell that Australia will do that to Moeen Ali. They will go hard and make Cook go back to Jimmy Anderson, Stuart Broad, Mark Wood, Ben Stokes and get them bowling lots of spells."

The first of five Ashes Tests starts in Cardiff on 8 July.