Harris still has post-Ashes ambitions


Veteran Australia fast bowler Ryan Harris has not ruled out the possibility of continuing his Test career after the upcoming Ashes, despite the prevailing assumption that he will retire alongside the likes of Chris Rogers.

Harris has struggled for most of his career with various serious injuries, the latest of which saw him out of action since the new year Test against India, and at the age of 35 his recovering are taking their toll.

But Harris told cricket.com.au when asked about life after the Ashes: "I'd be lying if I haven't thought further than that, where I'm going to be, what I'm going to be doing.

"My goal is to get back and play here in Australia, but again that’s a long way off. Hopefully there’s five Tests in a row in England first, let’s get through them, and see how I'm going.

"I've been retired three or four times over in the last five years, so I'm looking to England now. It’s a big series and there’s another big series against New Zealand in our summer but that’s a long way away.

"Let’s just get through to England and do well there and win them (the Ashes) and then worry what happens after that."

The last time Harris played in the Ashes in the UK, England won the series in 2013. But he feels this time the Aussies will have the upper hand, and are all experienced enough in English conditions.

He added: "I've played a lot of cricket over there, whether it be a couple of county games or a couple of Test matches and a little bit of league cricket.

"The concepts are all pretty much the same no matter what league you play in; that’s to bowl a fuller length and get them playing as much as possible.

"The ball swings and that suits me pretty well and suits our whole bowling attack really.

"We haven't won over there for a long time and hopefully we can turn that around this time."