Hazlewood: Outburst was out of character


Australia fast bowler Josh Hazlewood says he regrets his outburst during the second Test against New Zealand, which was picked up by the stump mics, and says it was out of character for him to behave that way.

Hazlewood and skipper Steve Smith were fined for dissent after questioning the third umpire's review decision, with the paceman heard angrily saying, 'Who the F@$& is the third umpire?'

He said that such outbursts were rare for him, and that it was a case of frustration catching up with him after a few close calls, and that he'd be better behaved in future.

Hazlewood told AAP: "It wasn't really towards anyone, it was just venting a bit of frustration. It was definitely out of character. I can't ever recall doing anything like that.

"It was just one of those heat of the moment things. We'd had a tough session with a couple of near misses.

"In the future I have to be a bit smarter … I have to behave better."

He added that coach Darren Lehmann was unimpressed and made his feelings on the matter clear: "I got a little bit from the coach afterwards.

"Boof said 'you've just got to realise the microphones are on all the time, realise where you are and what you're saying'.

"We're well behaved for the majority of the time and there is the odd slip-up. We've got to be better and hopefully they happen less and less in the future."

After the incident, Smith was also contrite, after he berated the umpires without realising that his questions were incorrect, given the rules about Hot Spot being used.