Hazlewood: We don’t play enough T20s


Australia fast bowler Josh Hazlewood feels that the T20 side would be better served by playing more matches ahead of big tournaments, and use a more settled side when they play during the year.

Australia lost their World T20 warm up match against the West Indies on Sunday, and the paceman felt that the Aussies don't focus on the format enough, especially when they play away from home.

Hazlewood said: "We obviously don't play as much T20 cricket as some of the other nations, and even in these conditions we don't play as much.

"I think we definitely could play T20 a little bit more leading into big tournaments like this and probably in conditions that we are going to face in the tournament. In the future that's something that we have to look at.

"It [India playing many games] is smart leading into a T20 tournament, to play a lot of that format that you are going to play. I think we are getting better at it but I think we still need to improve it."

Fellow paceman John Hastings pointed to the way many sides approach the format, as an afterthought at the end of a long tour, which means the Test players are sent home and new players, not acclimatised to conditions, are expected to win.

He added: "I think mainly it's because we haven't probably had a settled line-up over the years where the guys are resting at the back of a Test tour or a one day tour.

"There's been a lot of different players coming through and making their debuts for Australia in T20 cricket. So when you are always chopping and changing, it's difficult to have a really defined role in the side on what you want to get of it and what the team needs you to do."

'Duke' added that the recent series win in South Africa was vital to the Aussies' preparations: "It's been great that this last two weeks in South Africa we have had a pretty settled team.

"It's the same fifteen that are going to be with us right through for the next three weeks. I think that will hold us in better shape now [since] we know our guys inside out. Now it's about going out and executing our skills."