Healy: Don’t assume Oz will win Ashes


Former Australia wicketkeeper Ian Healy has warned the Australia players that while they may be riding high right now, and England are down in the doldrums, the Aussies are not guaranteed an Ashes win later this year.

Australia have not managed an Ashes series win in their last three attempts in the UK, with the series in 2013 going to England 3-0. While the home side are battling all sorts of dramas, Healy thinks they'll come out fighting.

Healy told cricket.com.au: "It's been unacceptable. To lose three Ashes series in a row in England is not good enough.

"It's as bad as it's been for a long, long time, maybe 70 years. I hope the Australian team are ready to sacrifice plenty to get that job done.

"We've got the team, but we had the team in 2005. We had a world-beating team and didn't beat England.

"England can sneak up on you. They're probably lacking a spinner so we need to expose that and keep pressure on their top order who think they're going alright.

"Hopefully Stuey Broad doesn't come good, any better than he was this summer and they lack a spinner.

"We should win but we haven't for three (away Ashes series) so we're no sure things. We've got to get the job done and play to the potential we've got."

Healy also commented on the potential of having two Australians coaching the sides, with Jason Gillespie the most desired candidate to take the England head coach role, after his great success with Yorkshire.

'Heals' added: "He'd be excellent, Dizzy, so let's hope he doesn't take it. It'll be interesting – Lehmann and Gillespie the two coaches.

"He's been particularly good in coaching, Jason Gillespie. He played second grade in Adelaide just to bring some young men through and young quicks.

"He's always been dedicated to it since he retired. That's led him to first-class jobs and now offers around the world.

"He's been committed to the task and deserves everything he gets because he's had success as well."