Highest-paid Cricket Athletes in 2017

When it comes to the best paying sports in the world, many people will think of soccer, boxing, basketball and other most popular sports, but completely forget about cricket.

Did you know that cricket is the 2nd sport with the highest average salary in the world? Top cricket clubs around the globe are paying large amounts of money to their players, and the average salary is just incredible. Whether you are a new sign up or a long-time player for a particular club, cricket is the only sport with which you can be sure to take home a decent perk regardless of your experience or how long you have played for a team. Here is our list of some of the highest paid cricket athletes in 2017;


  1. Virat Kohli


With a yearly income of around 6.9 million dollars, Virat Kohli tops the list of the world’s richest cricketers in 2017. The Indian national recently signed a contract with an Indian club called Royal Challengers worth several millions of dollars, surpassing every highest paid cricket athlete out there with a tremendous range. Apart from this, he also makes a lot of money from numerous corporate endorsement deals, making him rich even outside sports.


  1. MS Dhoni


With a yearly income of around 5.7 million dollars, MS Dhoni comes second to Virat on the list of 2017’s highest paid cricketers. The former Kharagpur ticket collector who became the captain of his national team (India) until recently has seen his country perform well on the world stage, putting India on the map. Of course, this wouldn’t have passed without drawing the attention of a number of organizations, earning him endorsement deals worth millions of dollars.


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  1. Chris Gayle


Chris Gayles is the 3rd highest paid cricket player in the world as at 2017, with a yearly income of 4.5 million dollars. Besides his national team, the 37 year old Jamaican athlete also represents numerous other teams around the globe, including Australia’s Sydney Thunder, Pakistan’s Karachi Kings and India’s Royal Challengers. Up to date, Gayle has set and broken numerous records in the game of cricket.


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  1. AB De Villiers


With a yearly income of 4.5 million dollars, AB De Villiers ties with Gayle as far as the list of the highest paid cricketers in 2017 is concerned. The 37 year old South African national who has been rated as the number one batsman in Tests and ODIs in numerous occasions, is also associated with numerous brands that pay him equally well.




Although we only looked at four names, it is important to note that there are many others that we did not include on the list. What do you think about our list of the top four highest paid cricket athletes in the world? Comment below and let us know your thoughts.