Holder hopes banter will fire up Windies


West Indies captain Jason Holder has advised the Australia players that they can expect more of the verbal sparring they endured at the MCG when they clash in Sydney for the third Test.

While Australia won in Melbourne and secured the series, the Windies players seemed a bit more enthusiastic than in the past, and Holder said the banter in the middle was part of that, and made them feel a bit more inspired.

Holder said of the chatter: "I am one of those players who like that kind of thing. That keeps me in the game personally. I believe that is the way cricket should be played.

"I don't think we should be on the field not saying anything and just (being) quiet and going through the motions.

"I believe we should be at one another, it is a competitive game and if you are a competitive person maybe that is the way to go. But different individuals approach it differently."

The Windies' main problem has been their poor bowling, giving away runs and not showing any intent, and Holder urged his bowlers, himself included, to be more disciplined. They've only take 10 wickets in the series.

He added: "We have basically leaked runs both sides of the wicket.  We need our bowlers to be a lot more disciplined.

"I have spoken about it from the first Test match and we got a little better in the second Test match but we are nowhere near where we are supposed to be.

"We need to be disciplined for longer periods of time and then you will see those attacking fields."