How Covid-19 Has Affected The Cricket Industry?


Like most industries during the Covid-19 pandemic, the gambling industry has been affected also. Some of the impacts have been positive and there have unfortunately been negatives to the situation we find ourselves in.

With many major sporting events being canceled or postponed there is a lack of live international sports to gamble on. This situation is changing as more and more people are beginning to get various approved vaccines, this should help with the resumption of international travel and we can begin to get life and sports back to normal.

One of the sports amongst many to have suffered during the Covid-19 pandemic has been international cricket, with test matches and friendlies being postponed. Potentially the summer months are being earmarked for a return to normal schedules, all is not lost in the meantime with internet casinos offering online games which feature all your favourite cricket stars.

Cricket is Not The Only Sport to Suffer From Covid-19

Whilst some sports were not too affected and were only delayed by a small amount of time and the loss of spectators due to social distancing, international fixtures were massively disrupted by the Covid-19 outbreak. The need to travel for sporting events across international borders was and still is deemed to high risk in helping the spread of the virus. Here are some of the biggest events postponed in the last year:

  • The Rugby Six Nations Tournament: Originally scheduled to begin 1st February until the 14th March 2020, it was postponed with games to play and resumed in October with France taking the victory.
  • European Football Leagues: All major football leagues were postponed until at least June or July due to the Covid-19 pandemic and only resumed when strict testing of players and coaching staff was agreed upon. Even now very clubs allow spectators into the stadiums. It is estimated to have cost the big 5 leagues, England, Germany, Spain, France, and Italy over $4 billion in revenue.
  • The Wimbledon Championships: One of the most iconic sporting events in the world was canceled for the first time since 1945 due to Covid-19. Not since its inception in 1877 has the tournament been canceled during peacetime. 
  • Tokyo Olympics: Scheduled for July 2020 the Olympics in Tokyo was canceled and rescheduled for 2020, potentially costing the Japanese government billions of dollars due to the high costs of money put into infrastructure and lost revenue it generates.
  • The Cricket World Cup: This prestigious event has now been moved to 2023 to help control the spread of the coronavirus, protecting the players and fans alike.

Some of the world’s biggest sporting events and competition, none bigger than the Olympics, have decided in the interest of public safety to downscale or cancel events. They will be rescheduled but so long as the threat exists it could be some time until we get to watch our favorite sports again.

How Has Covid-19 Affected Online Gambling Sites?

The global gambling industry has been shaken by the Covid-19 pandemic with many casinos forced to shut and may never reopen. It has cost the industry billions of dollars, even the closure of bars around the world affects the gambling industry. In Australia for example many bars and adult entertainment venues it was possible to watch live sports and place bets with the establishment and collect your winnings in cash right there and then.

In the United States which has the most casinos in the world, nearly one thousand, 58 are closed and look unlikely to reopen. With strict measures enforced by casino operators to help prevent the spread of Covid-19, many people are not going, and instead preferring online gambling, try an online casino for a great selection of gambling opportunities.

In contrast, the online gambling industry has had a huge influx of customers for virtual casino gambling, virtual sports, and the fast-growing sector of gambling on the outcome of the gaming competitions (Fortnite e.g) which are held daily. Online gambling sites and the industry as a whole have been quick to increase the number of opportunities for players, the number of casino games has increased to accommodate this growing trend whilst many countries around the world still have lockdowns in place.

Will The Sporting World Ever Be The Same Again?

With all that has happened during the Covid-19 pandemic sport and the gambling industry has been hit very hard. Even the events that are now taking place are being largely held behind closed doors with no spectators allowed, the money that is being lost is extremely damaging to most clubs and teams. For big football teams like Barcelona or Manchester United can weather the storm but many smaller clubs are finding the loss of revenue from empty stadiums crippling and may be forced to let staff or players go to reduce the costs.

The gambling industry and sports are so intertwined that they need each other to survive, whilst online casinos make vast sums of money online sports betting can generate billions of dollars annually. Events such as the Super Bowl and the Olympics are better on by people all over the world and many of these people would not normally gamble, but when a big event is on like the English Grand National people of all ages and walk of life make their annual bet and flock to bars to watch the races, something they would never do normally. With vaccination programs being rolled out across the world many analysts predict a return to normal sporting events by 2022 and the return of fans in many stadiums.


Online gambling may now be the new future of gambling for many people, with constant offers being made daily or deals for new or loyal customers which traditional casinos and bookmakers find hard to compete with it hard to see many people returning to brick and mortar gambling establishments.

As for many sports such as cricket, all we can do is wait and see how everything unfolds and hope that soon we will be able to cheer on our favorite teams in person once again.