Hussey disagrees with Butt’s return


With rumours circulating that convicted spot fixer Salman Butt could return to international cricket, former Australia test players Mike Hussey and Ryan Harris don’t agree.

Butt was hit with a five-year ban from cricket and returned to the sport in September 2015. However, with Pakistan currently struggling for runs against Australia, calls for the batsmen’s return has been risen.

With fellow convicted match fixer Mohammed Amir already making his return to International cricket, Hussey feels sympathy for him giving his situation, but not for Butt.

“If I am being honest, it doesn’t sit well with me,” Hussey told Fox Sports News 500.

“Some would argue he has done his time and been allowed back in, much like Mohammad Amir.

“But you’ve got to remember Amir was a 17-year-old kid being directed by Salman Butt to do the wrong thing.

“I have a bit more sympathy for Amir.

“But Salman Butt, it doesn’t sit well to have him back in international cricket.”

Harris echoed his former team-mate’s words. Saying Butt shouldn’t be allowed near the Pakistan dressing room.

“I’m not a big fan of it to be honest,” Harris said.

“I know Mohammad Amir is playing here and I’m 50-50 on that.

“I obviously don’t think he should be here but he was 17 years old he was quite young. Whether that was an excuse I’m still trying to work that out myself.

“But Salman Butt the captain who told his players to go out and cheat, there’s no room for that in the game. I’m not sure how the opposition players would take playing against him for one, but definitely not.

“I know he’s done the crime, done the time, but I still think that was a pretty lenient time, five years.”