Hussey to use IPL experience to help Oz


Former Australia batsman Mike Hussey will be the T20 side's batting consultant during the World Twenty20 in India this month, and hopes to use his IPL experience to help the batsmen combat the conditions.

Hussey was clear to point out that India is not only friendly towards spinners, and that he will teach the players to avoid that misconception depending on where they are playing on the day.

Hussey played in the IPL for quite a few seasons, mainly for the Chennai Super Kings, and will thus offer valuable insights into the various grounds and tracks.

Hussey told "The conditions are always challenging in India, there’s no doubt about that.

"They're probably the most foreign conditions that we have, coming from Australia where we're used to pace and bounce.

"They'll face a lot of spin through the middle overs so hopefully we can play the spinners as well as we possibly can.

"There’s so much talent and ability and power in that Australian squad, that I'm pretty sure we can adapt to any conditions that are thrown at us."

Hussey added: "My experience of playing in India is that (pitches) change quite a lot depending on where you play.

"When you play at somewhere like Mumbai, the pitch has got plenty of pace and bounce. The ball comes through and it’s more like an Australian pitch.

"But then you might play a game in Kolkata and the pitches I've played on there have been really slow and have turned a lot.

"That’s one of the things that players will have to deal with – you've got to adapt to different conditions."

Australia's first group match is against New Zealand on 18 March in Dharamsala.