‘I just wish everyone would get along’

Former Australia fast bowler Ryan Harris has lamented the verbal attack on Steve Waugh by Shane Warne, calling Warne's blunt criticism 'disappointing' and asked for players to get along.

Warne called Waugh, his former skipper, 'the most selfish cricketer' he'd ever played with, referencing how Waugh dropped Warne from the Test team in 1999. Harris felt the 17-year grudge was a step too far.

Harris said on the CA website: "Warnie's in a position where he can voice his opinion all the time – and he does.

"I agree or disagree at times with what Warnie says – that's what he does and that's what makes him unique.

"I'm just not one for coming out and slaying our greats. I see Steve Waugh as a great of the Baggy Green.

"And what he's started – wearing the Baggy Green for the first hour of a Test match.

"That still goes on, that's what we wanted to do, that's what Michael Clarke drilled into us because that's what Steve Waugh did it and it's a great thing to do. Things like that are still hanging around.

"I just wish everyone would get along. We're all teammates, we're all brothers. People have disagreements but it's just disappointing.

"That's Warnie and he has his opinion. I've noticed Steve Waugh hasn't hit back or bitten back and that's exactly how Steve Waugh is as a person – calm and flicks off his shoulder and moves on with life."

As for Waugh, he had little to say on the matter, making a short statement when asked about it: "I'm not justifying his comments with an answer."