‘I love his aggression, I was no different’


India coach Anil Kumble laughed off suggestions that he'd ask skipper Virat Kohli to be less aggressive and confrontational, saying he loved that about the batsman and it was a key part of his success.

Kohli is the opposite of former skipper MS Dhoni, who is cool and calm, in that he's never afraid to get in an opponent's face, and Kumble is looking forward to seeing more of that against the West Indies, as long as the 'line' is not crossed.

Kumble said when asked of Kohli's temper: "I love his aggression. I was no different. I was also aggressive, but very different in terms of how I probably came across on the field.

"I'll be the last person to curb someone's natural instincts, but of course we all know how important it is to be the ambassadors of India and be a part of the Indian cricket team.

"That everybody in the team understands. There is a fine line and we will ensure that everybody knows that. I certainly won't curb anyone's instincts."

The team left for the Caribbean after a week-long camp in Bangalore, and Kohli said it was a great way to get to know Kumble as a coach, and to get their minds right ahead of this tour, and also the entire season.

Kohli said: "We haven't had too many camps before, but I feel there's already a lot that the team has benefited from. If you have experience of facing different situations in the past, you are better equipped.

"Understanding of skills and understanding of mindset are two different things. Mindset can't be taught, but it comes only when you have faced tough situations, and that's one big difference.

"The information we've got from him about mental adjustments needed to win has been a big boost. He's been more than willing to speak to everyone equally – the pacers, spinners, batsmen – and address their concerns.

"There's an emotional connect with the coach, no doubt, but it's about how he makes the players feel comfortable. That's what I believe.

"Anil bhai has all those qualities in abundance. There's huge respect within the group for what he's achieved and also because he's been Test captain.

"He understands that and makes them comfortable, so I feel the combination has settled in beautifully. He's been involved with the players in some way or the other throughout."