ICC launch investigation into UAE league


The International Cricket Council (ICC)’s Anti-Corruption Unit (ACU) have launched an investigation into a private cricket league in the UAE after vides of the tournament went viral on social media.

The video shows plenty of farcical dismissals with batsmen stepping out of the crease then just leaving the ball to be stumped and comical run-outs taking place.

The tournament was eventually called off after UAE cricket authorities refused to allow the league to continue using the ground on the second day.

According to an article published on ESPNCricinfo, the venue, Ajman Oval, has been suspended with immediate effect.

Alex Marshall, the ICC general manager, Anti-Corruption, said in a statement: “There is currently an ICC Anti-Corruption Unit (ACU) investigation underway in relation to the Ajman All Stars League held recently in Ajman, UAE.

“The ICC Anti-Corruption Unit works to uphold integrity in cricket and in keeping with that role we are talking to players and officials and will not make any further comment at this time.”

The tournament was a private one and since it is not sanctioned, it does not come under the purview as such of the Emirates Cricket Board (ECB) or the ICC but the governing body intervened after reviewing the videos.