ICC move to protect the spirit of cricket

The International Cricket Council have committed themselves to a complete review of player conduct and sanctions.

A hot-tempered series in South Africa suffered multiple behavioral flare ups from both sides before a ball tampering saga eclipsed all else.

ICC CEO David Richardson issued a strongly worded on the current climate of world cricket describing it as “one of the worst periods in recent memory”.

Richardson also briefly mentioned incidents that occurred in the Nidahas Trophy T20I match between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

The chief executive wrote: “We have seen a number of incidents of poor player behaviour in recent weeks which has included ugly sledging, send-offs, dissent against umpires’ decisions, a walk-off and ball tampering.

“This has been perhaps one of the worst periods in recent memory for consistently poor player behaviour and the global outcry in relation to the ball tampering is a clear message to cricket: enough is enough.

“That is why, with the full support of the ICC Board, we will undertake a wide-ranging review into player behaviour, the spirit in which the game is played and the Code of Conduct.

“The spirit of cricket is precious to our sport and so intrinsically linked with good behaviour – the turn of phrase ‘that’s just not cricket’ is not an accident. We must protect that spirit.”

Discussions about ICC sanctions have been going on for some time with many questioning their consistency.

Richardson added: “We need to be clear on what acceptable behaviour is and what isn’t and what the appropriate sanctions are when a player breaches the code.

“That may also mean strengthening sanctions to make them genuine deterrents.

“We will also consider how we reach greater consistency in decision making with our match officials who do such a difficult job. How can we support them and dismiss the notion that some teams are favoured over others?

“Nothing is out of bounds with this review and we have a responsibility to shape how the spirit of cricket is brought to life in the game in the 21st century.”