ICC ratify changes to DRS


The ICC confirmed that it has approved changes to the lbw umpire's call in the DRS playing conditions, after the conclusion of its annual conference in Edinburgh.

Cricket's governing body has expanded the so-called 'hit zone' to include the outside of both the off and leg stumps.

Previously not out decisions would only be given out if at least half of the ball was set to strike an area stretching from the inside half of the off stump, to the inside half of the leg stump.

The ICC issued a media release, stating: "The size of the zone inside which half the ball needs to hit for a Not Out decision to be reversed to Out will increase, changing to a zone bordered by the outside of off and leg stumps, and the bottom of the bails (formerly the centre of off and leg stumps, and the bottom of the bails)."

October 1st is the date set for the changes to take effect but any series staring just prior to that date, will use the adjusted conditions.