Information to help you place the best cricket bets

Cricket is a niche sport that is only popular in certain parts of the world. The UK, India, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa the dominate the sport with all the world’s best players coming from these nations. It is an extremely popular betting market and fans who follow the sport closely can make a tidy sum by using their knowledge to their advantage. If you want to start betting on cricket there are many things you need to know about which I will cover in this article.

#1: Cricket Odds

To be successful when betting on any sport you must be able to sport unvalued betting opportunities. To do that you must first understand the different odds available. Most of the new betting sites and bootmakers display their odds in traditional fraction format. It means that they will be displayed as an example of 10/1. The first total is the return amount and the second total is the wager amount required to get the odds. So if you placed a 1 pound bet, you would get 10 pounds back in return if your wager was correct.

#2: Betting Strategies For Cricket

Cricket has been around for over one hundred years and over this time many different betting experts have devised strategies. There are many different factors you need to consider before choosing which cricket bet to place. Unlike most sporting events, one key factor to pay close attention to is the weather forecast. It can play a huge part in the outcome of a match so using this data to your advantage can be a great strategy. The pitch conditions change dramatically after a heavy rain session so always try to favor the batting team as the pitch will be slower and it is difficult for bowlers to hit top speed.

#3: The Toss

A large number of sports such as football and Rugby use a coin toss to decide which half the team start playing in. This does not have an impact on results but in the world of Cricket, the toss result can have a major impact on the outcome of the match. A great betting strategy is to always back the team that wins the toss because it puts them in the driving seat and they can instantly put their opponents on the back foot.

#4: Team News

One great betting tip for Cricket is to wait until the team news has been confirmed before you place a bet. This takes place at the time of the toss and only by knowing exactly which players are taking part will you be able to make the best-informed betting choice. If you place a wager beforehand only to find out the teams star bowler or batter is out, it will impact your chances of winning.


If you want time to place the right bets and enjoy 5 days of action, then betting on test cricket is the best option. If you enjoy your betting action more fast paced you can choose to wager on T20 matches. Make sure to take advantage of in play betting options as you can make a lot of money should a player hit form on you have placed a wager on them. Always try to hedge your bets and do not spend more than you can afford to make sure you have a truly enjoyable experience.