IPL to use DRS for the first time


The Indian Premier League will employ the Decision Review System for the first time during the 2018 season.

Third umpire’s will have access to ball tracking and ultra-edge and each team will be allotted one review per innings.

The ICC made the use of DRS mandatory in Twenty20 Internationals in October 1st last year following sweeping changes to policy in early 2017.

The BCCI have resisted the use of DRS in the past due to perceived inaccuracies in the system but they are understood to have come around.


A senior Indian match official told ESPN Cricinfo: “In T20s, one decision makes a huge difference.

“People have a misconception that only the longer format of the game needs DRS.

“But, in the longer version, there is enough time to absolve a mistake you make.

“But in T20s, you don’t have such time.

“If a good, in-form batsman is given a wrong decision, that can finish off the game completely.”

The IPL and BCCI have taken great care to ensure that match officials are prepared for the use of DRS conducting a workshop for ten officials with another seminar believed to be scheduled for early April.

An Indian umpire told ESPN Cricinfo: “DRS is good for the game.

“No one wants to make a mistake on-field. With the DRS the evidence is conclusive and the decision gets corrected. And because of error, the players cannot then complain the decision went against them.”