Iqbal disappointed at lack of cricket


Bangladesh batsman, Tamim Iqbal, is disappointed that, after arguably their best ever season, Bangladesh will now face a period of very sparse playing time.

His team last featured in international competition at the World T20 in March, and are only scheduled to be in action again in October when they meet England at home.

Iqbal is more than a little bemused by the unwillingness of the ICC's full member's to take on a country who have shown they are emerging as a dangerous unit, telling ESPN Cricinfo: "After such a great season, we are not playing for six months,

"It would definitely hamper us. People should be more interested in playing against us but instead we are sitting on the sidelines. We don't know how we are going to play after six months. There's no team in the world apart from Zimbabwe who sit out for so long between matches."

Bangladesh have shed their tag as the international whipping boys in the last 18 months or so, knocking England out of the 2015 World Cup and reaching the quarter-finals before achieving wins against Pakistan, India, South Africa and Zimbabwe when they visited Bangladesh.

The BCB have been critical of the ICC in recent times, and Iqbal is frustrated at the dearth of cricket for a team ranked seventh in the world in ODIs, placing them above traditional powerhouses Pakistan and the West Indies, saying:"Sitting for six months is not doing justice to anything,

"I could have understood if we played like we did five years ago when our result was predictable, but after performing so well they still don't want to play us, I don't know."

Iqbal feels his team are being treated unfairly and believes that after the lay off their form will suffer: "Take any top team and tell them to sit for six months,

"You will see how they perform after sitting for eight months. They won't play the way they were playing."