Ireland gets Test status after long wait

For the last few years, the cricket team from Ireland has applied and patiently waited to be confirmed as one of cricket’s elite participants. Now, the team and its legion of fans can celebrate, after the International Cricket Council has announced that it has approved the application. The International Cricket Council or the ICC has met recently at The Oval cricket ground to discuss the application of Ireland to become a full-pledged member of the body. The announcement was made through Twitter, and it also proclaimed the status of Afghanistan.

Boosts Number of Top Teams to 12

With the approval of the application of Ireland, fans and enthusiasts can now look forward to an expanded list of teams that will compete in the top-tier. Today, there are now 12 teams that can complete in the top level of cricket competition. This was the first announced admission by the International Cricket Council after it admitted Bangladesh to its group in 2000. Many observers and enthusiasts have expected the announcement of confirmation for both Ireland and Afghanistan, thanks to their successes in international competitions against some of the top teams in the world. Ireland is currently ranked 12th in the world, and it made waves in 2011 when it managed to beat England. Also, the team from Ireland earned a shocking victory when it defeated Pakistan, in the same competition, four years ago. Afghanistan is two places higher than Ireland in terms of ranking, since it’s placed at 10th. During a vote facilitated by the Council, the confirmation of the team was completed in a unanimous vote.

The success and this positive development with the team can be attributed to the commitment and hard work of Warren Deutrom. Even though the team faced a number of playing and financial restrictions, the team managed to come up with sterling results in many international competitions. In 2007, Ireland beat Pakistan, and it also collected victories at the expense of England (2011) and West Indies (2015). These victories served as reminders that indeed, the team from Ireland is sending some signals that it is ready to take on the challenge and become part of the elite teams. Also, the entry of Ireland to the elite status was also made possible by the change in some rules and even attitudes of the ICC.

Opportunities Widen for Team Ireland, Fans and Betting Crowd

The recognition that the team received from the ICC has helped broadened the portfolio and the opportunities. With the announcement, fans and followers of the team expects that it will aggressively rebuild, and is expected to gain more support at home. Observers suggest that a professional and inter-provincial competition can also help the men’s team, and on the women’s side and the youth side, it is widely expected that their strides will continue through academies. In terms of finances, the teams of Ireland and Afghanistan will get a boost in funding in the next few years, which can be seen as great news for the stakeholders of the team.

Aside from the management and the players, the news that Ireland has been confirmed excite observers and the betting crowd who follow international competitions of cricket. With the announcement, the sports betting sites are again in frenzy, offering different kinds of bets, odds and news for sports bettors and enthusiasts to consume and enjoy. This means that bets are off the next time Ireland joins its next competition, and prove its worth and new status.

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