James Anderson’s record; How did we get here?


Everyone in the cricket world is talking about James Anderson record: 564 wickets to beat India in game 5 and send them home with a 4-1 series win.

He is now the most prolific fast bowler in English history, having surpassed Glenn McGrath’s 563 record, and might be looking at the next step: Anil Kumble’s 619 wickets. After that, though we’re looking very far down the line, only Shane Warne (708) and Muttiah Muralitharan (800) have a greater record.

James Anderson is now arguably one of the greatest player the country has ever seen, but how did he get here?

He made his international debut at 20 years of age against Zimbabwe; it was 2003. Before that, he had made his first class debut for Lancashire in 2002. Looking at his 564 wickets, it’s interesting to notice a few big names coming back, with Peter Siddle being dismissed eleven times, while Sachin Tendulkar, David Warner and Michael Clarke have been dismissed 11 times. Anderson has definitely performed very well against Australians.

37% of his wickets were caught fielder, while 27% caught keeper; the remaining are divided between bowled and leg before wicket. 368 of his wickets were taken at home, in England, which he’s obviously favored, and where he has performed better. Of these, 103 were taken at Lord’s.

Generally, he’s been incredibly consistent throughout his career, and we can still expect some great results from him, making McGrath challenge of reaching 600 actually feasible.

This possibility is not the only thing to be on the lookout for, with a wide array of international games coming up. It’s a very exciting season for all cricket fans and sports betting enthusiast, some of which might have even profited from James Anderson wickets in their recent bets.

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