Khawaja: You have to keep looking forward


Australia top order batsman Usman Khawaja says he is focused on making sure his tour to Sri Lanka is taken innings by innings, and he is not thinking about how easily he was dropped from the side in the past.

Khawaja is enjoying a superb run of form this year, and is averaging 49.54 in Tests, a big uptick since he returned to the side late last year.

But he is one player who has been selected and dropped with ease, and he is not taking a place in the side for granted, and will go knock by knock until he is cemented.

Khawaja told "Every time you go out on the field it's a new challenge – the conditions are different, the opposition is different, no two games are the same. 

"So what happened in the past has no effect on what happens now. I'm a big believer in that, you just have to keep looking forward. 

"The last game counts for nothing in the next game – good or bad. When you step on for a new game it's a completely new scenario and that's how I look at cricket now."

When asked to describe what had changed for him, how his game had improved, Khawaja added: "It is tough to quantify.

"I like to think I am (a different player and character) – in some respects yeah, but in some respects no. 

"In five years you'd like to think you've improved as a cricketer, it's a long time. 

"I'd like to think I've made improvements in some places and probably in other places where my strengths lie I'd like to think I've kept those strengths."