Kohli: Reserve days in Tests could work


India Test captain Virat Kohli says he favours the idea of having reserve days in Test cricket that should see the team with the more positive intent having a better chance to win the game.

Kohli was speaking after his side drew their one-off Test with Bangladesh in Fatullah on Sunday, a match that was significantly shortened because of the weather.

India were well on top in the match, having made their opponents follow-on and would have been in the driving seat had there been a reserve day.

On having reserve days in Tests, Kohli said: "That's a debatable question. It could be, I don't know. Say, on the fourth day a team is struggling to save a game, and the next day it rains for two sessions and the game is drawn.

"The team that deserves to win doesn't get a win. So yes, there might be a thought there. It's a good suggestion actually.

"You might want to add another day seeing the situation of the game. If there is a possible result, there is no harm in giving the team that's winning a fair chance to compete for three sessions."