Lara furious over Chanderpaul omission

West Indies batting legend Brian Lara is outraged that Shivnarine Chanderpaul has not been given a farewell series, instead being dropped for the Australia Tests just 45 runs short of breaking the Windies' run-scoring record.

Lara is the holder of that record, and one more series should have seen 40 year old Chanderpaul reach the milestone, but he was dropped due to poor form, which has enraged the West Indies former players, as well as fans.

Lara feels Chanderpaul should have been given a proper farewell series, like Sachin Tendulkar and Jacques Kallis were given before they retires, instead of being unceremoniously dropped.

Lara told the Trinidad and Tobago Guardian: "This has absolutely nothing to do with runs or numbers. It has to do with respect and Chanderpaul has earned the right to say goodbye in an acceptable way.

"In fact, he should be allowed to do it in his own way.

"The manner in which they deal with their players is despicable and should no longer be tolerated. When you look back to so many of our heroes and the manner in which they were dumped, it makes you shudder."

He then added that Sachin Tendulkar had been given a big send-off by the BCCI, despite his age and relatively poor form at the time: "What did they do? They organised a Test series in his honour and gave him a farewell in keeping with his contribution to the game.

"In that way, there will be no hostility and whether he makes a double-century or a duck, it doesn't matter, it will be his farewell series and the entire cricketing world will know that. He deserves it.

"The WICB and the Caribbean owe it to Shiv to send him off with dignity and respect. He has earned it."

On the flip side, Guyana Cricket Board president Anand Sanasie said he and WICB boss Dave Cameron did, in fact, try to get Chanderpaul the farewell series, but the selectors denied their requests.

Sanasie, A WICB board member, said: "Let me make it clear that the president and vice-president and myself tried our best to get Shiv retained. In the end the selectors have the final say.

"So to those who say that this is a WICB decision, that is not true. Shiv was never told that the match in Barbados (against England) was his last and they wanted to cover up a wrong with another wrong.

"We trust that our selectors can find it within themselves to revisit this crucial matter of gross disrespect now being meted out to one of the greatest cricketers to have graced the field of play with this most ungrateful display to Chanderpaul.

"Shiv's record speaks for itself and we are shocked at the manner that this panel is seeking to destroy him."