Legends of cricket

Even though the game of cricket isn’t as popular as football is, it still commands a fair attention in the world. Having been introduced hundreds of years ago in the 16th century; this sport has since produced some of the greatest cricketers of all time. These cricket legends have continued to inspire players and fans alike. They are legends, which mean that their names shouldn’t be easily forgotten. For that reason, here is a list of some players who made a name playing cricket better than the rest.

1 Sir Don Bradman

He is referred to as the greatest test batsman of all time. His test batting averaged 99.94 which is considered the highest achievement that sportsmen have ever recorded in any sport. During his 20-year reign in cricket gaming, Sir Don Bradman consistently remained at the top. According to Bill Woodfull (a former Australia captain), Bradman was worth 3 batsmen in his country.

2 Gary Sobers

He originally joined the sports world as a bowler before getting promoted up the batting order. He made his maiden test century in 1958 when he progressed to 365, thus establishing a high individual score of that time. This record was only broken decades later when Brian Lara came into the picture with his record 375 score in 1994.

3 Sachin Tendulkar

In the year 2002, he was ranked the 2nd greatest test batsman after Don Bradman. In the year 2011, he was part of the World Cup Cricket team of India. That is because nearly all batting records are attributed to his name. For that reason, the name Sachin Tendulkar has achieved a worldwide recognition among renowned cricketers of all time.

4 Vivian Richards

The ODI format of this game regards Vivians Richard as a great name in the history of cricket heroes. In the year 2000, he was voted among the top 5 best cricketers by a 100-member panel of analysts. Then in 2002, he was identified by Almanack to have made a name for himself, and this made him qualify for the best ODI batsman of the time. He fell in the third place after Don Bradman in the category of best ODI batsman of all time. No doubt, you will always find him in the list of greatest cricket players in ODI history.

5 Imran Khan

He made his Pakistani team proud when he played between 1971 and 1992, ultimately emerging the best cricket captain of all time in the 1992 World Cup Cricket. He boasts of 362 wickets and 3807 runs in test cricket which earns him a place among the 8 renowned world cricketers who ever scooped an All-rounder’s Triple. Finally in the year 2010, he was honored by the ICC Cricket hall of fame.

These are not the only cricket legends that have made their teams proud in the history of this sport. Others include Kumar Sangakara, Adam Gichrist, Rahul Dravid and Rickey Ponting who did a good job in the cricket space. These names have been preserved through various ways. It is now a common practice for an online casino to run cricket slot machines branded by the names of these legends.