Lehmann: Gillespie would take England job

Australia coach Darren Lehmann has made comments that lend further credence to the rumours that Yorkshire and Strikers' coach Jason Gillespie could be keen on the England head coach job, should it become available.

Former Australia paceman Gillespie is one of the most in-demand coaches around, and with Peter Moores a few more bad results away from being sacked, speculation has been rife that 'Dizzy' could be the next in line.

He has been coaching Yorkshire to great effect for the past few seasons, and recently signed on to be the Adelaide Strikers' coach for the BBL. But he turned down the offer to coach South Australia, and his contracts reportedly have a get-out clause should an international gig come up.

Lehmann told cricket.com.au: "‘Dizz’ and I chat all the time. Obviously he’s the Strikers coach, so for me it’s getting the low down of what he’s thinking with his players for the Strikers.

"If that job (England head coach) becomes available, I'm sure Jason will go for it."

Lehman did go on to say that while Gillespie would be keen for the job, it was all a moot point at the moment as Moores has not been sacked, and could well be sitting pretty at the end of the month if they beat New Zealand.

'Boof' added: "Everyone’s writing Peter off, but at the end of the day he’s the coach of the cricket team and they've got a big series against New Zealand.

"Cricket’s a funny game. He could win 2-0 against New Zealand and all of a sudden things are rosy.

"It’s a tough game, coaching, we know that. You've just got to (enjoy) the good times and understand when times are tough."