Lehmann: We can’t risk players’ safety


Australia coach Darren Lehmann admits that the longer they wait for their Board to decide if they will tour Bangladesh, the more likely it is that the trip will be cancelled.

The Aussies were scheduled to tour Bangladesh and take on the Tigers in two Tests, starting on 9 October, but have not yet left their shores due to a security threat.

Cricket Australia officials have arrived back from Dhaka after meeting the relevant Bangladeshi government and security organisations.

Australia will announce in the next day or two if the tour will go ahead and although Lehmann says it will be a shame if the tour got called off, player safety is the most important.

The Australia players have already been released from their training camp back to their State squads so they can prepare for the domestic season.

Lehmann said: "It's getting pretty tight now, to be honest. At the end of the day we have to wait and see what the boards and the security come up with, but we have to make the right decision for player and staff safety.

"We're still on hold. The security guys got back from Bangladesh today so they're obviously speaking to the board as we speak. Hopefully we come to some sort of answer in the next 24 hours or so.

"The young side is exciting. It will be an exciting time if we get there and play, if we don't we'll go to plan B.

"I can't say what plan B is. But they're back in their state squads at the moment. We've put them back into training with their state sides and we'll make a decision from there."