Local hero Wood hoping to play a part in the community amid coronavirus pandemic

England bowler Mark Wood is hoping to lend his support to his local cricket club this weekend as he combines his recovery from a side strain with keeping a close eye on his family.

Wood suffered the tear during the recent T20 series in South Africa having only recently returned from a similar issue that forced him out for six months after last summer’s triumphant World Cup final.

But despite the injury, the 30-year-old from Northumberland’s primary concern has been helping his family in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic that has seen Ashington Cricket Club spring into action.

Ben Stokes (left) and Mark Wood celebrate with Cricket World Cup in Durham
Ben Stokes (left) and Mark Wood celebrate with Cricket World Cup in Durham (PA)

“My grandad suffers from asthma and other underlying issues, so I am worried about him and my parents. He is in his eighties and it is just about making sure he’s all right,” Wood told The Daily Telegraph

“Ashington are going to do something on Saturdays where they go out for the elderly residents and drop off bags of food and anything they need.

“It is great from them to show support for the area and generally I think everyone is looking after each other around the houses.

“We had a note through the door saying if we need anything or are isolated, here is my number, I will go and get your shopping. It is lovely people are sticking together to get through it.

“The cricket club in Ashington is a family. Everyone is there together. That will be the case whether it is this year or the year after. People will stay together.

“This Saturday, I am hoping to go along and help a little bit but I just have to wait and see what the advice is.

Wood is returning to fitness
Wood is returning to fitness (Tim Goode/PA)

“I am going off advice from the Government about social distancing and from the England and Wales Cricket Board.

“I would love to help but I will wait and see if the England doctor is happy for us to go out and about. We are just bunkering in and trying to look after each other.

“Everyone [in the England side] is messaging and trying to have a bit of time at home and stay safe, like everybody else in the country.”