Mahela: Don’t focus only on spin in India


Former Sri Lanka skipper Mahela Jayawardene has cautioned batsmen to avoid being sucked into a spin-only vortex ahead of the World Twenty20 in India, saying pace bowling could have just as much of an impact.

Jayawardene said that the decks in India, despite evidence during the recent Tests against South Africa, have plenty to offer fast bowlers, and that focusing on spin alone could lead to trouble.

Jayawardene said on the CA website during the Big Bash: "A lot of people do emphasise on spin but if you get good wickets it's not that bad.

"The quick bowlers also have a lot of good variations going into the subcontinent conditions so you need to handle all that overall, not just put an emphasis on spin.

"If you get a good ball you play it the way it is and if you get a bad ball you take it on.

"The quicks will have a lot of variations so you will need to adapt your game plan and assess the conditions – that's quite important.

"And you get smaller grounds as well, so it's about keeping your shape and playing your shots."