Manohar steps down as ICC chairman

ICC chairman Shashank Manohar has resigned from his post just eight months into his tenure citing personal reasons as the motive behind the decision.

Manohar has been at the forefront of proposed changes to the structure of international cricket that would see the current ‘big three’ model disbanded in favour of a more equitable model.

In a letter to ICC chief executive David Richardson Manohar said: “I have tried to do my best and have tried to be fair and impartial in deciding matters in the functioning of the Board and in matters related to Member Boards along with the able support of all Directors.

“However, for personal reasons it is not possible for me to hold the august office of ICC Chairman and hence I am tendering my resignation as Chairman with immediate effect. I take this opportunity to thank all the Directors, the Management and staff of ICC for supporting me wholeheartedly. I wish ICC all the very best and hope it achieves greater heights in future.”

In February of this year the member boards of the ICC voted 7-2, with one board abstaining, approving in principle a new constitution for the ICC.

The move has been met with resistance from the BCCI who stand to lose the most revenue if the constitution is ratified. Manohar is a former chairman of the BCCI but is not affiliated with the board any longer.

The ICC will appoint an interim chairman until the next conference of the body can appoint a new chairman.

Manohar’s resignation comes as a blow to hopes for a change in the structure of world cricket and the dissolution of the ‘big three’ system which sees India, England and Australia dominate the other full members and associates.