McGrath ‘bewildered’ by lack of death over yorkers

Former Australia fast bowler Glenn McGrath says he is 'bewildered' by the fact that bowler are not sending down yorkers in the death overs, as they appear to be afraid of going for runs.

The paceman, a premier exponent of the toe-breaking delivery in his day, said bowling a good yorker would get wickets and keep runs down, and that bowling short all the time was hardly the best way to keep runs down at the death.

He felt that shots like the ramp and scoop, made popular in T20 cricket and carrying over to ODIs, made bowlers afraid of yorking, but he says he'd have made sure to still be effective if he'd had to face such shots.

McGrath said on Cricket Australia's website: "You can only have four out (of the circle). It means scores are going to be higher. It (the yorker) still comes down to execution.

"The final 10 overs – if you can bowl good yorkers at will and pretty much hit them, you're going to be successful.

"It seems that because people have brought the ramp in, bowling yorkers at the death is a dying art. Which just bewilders me.

"New shots have come in and things like that, but I feel like I could have combated that."

With Darren Sammy and John Mooney fined for using bad language during their match on Monday, McGrath also felt that the ICC was blowing such things out of proportion with 30 percent fines, and said umpires had things under control.

He continued: "If you replay an incident 27 times, it looks worse than it is. I've never thought sledging is a big issue.

"It's something that being Australian, you're very up front about. You don't try to hide it or go about it in sneaky ways.

"It's one thing other teams have always felt they could have a go at us about, because we did pretty well in all other areas."