Miandad slams PCB as trio prepare to return


Former Pakistan captain Javed Miandad has slammed the Pakistan Cricket Board for allowing Mohammad Asif, Salman Butt and Mohammad Amir to play cricket again.

The trio were banned for five years in 2010 for being involved in spot-fixing and had their sanctions lifted by the ICC. They are now eligible to play from 2 September.

Miandad, who scored more than 8000 runs in 124 Tests, feels other players have been working hard over the last five years and have earned the places in domestic cricket and the national team.

The now 58 year-old Miandad said: "They (the trio) have been involved in major offences and allowing them to return to the game of cricket at any level will be a wrong move.

"Their return will mean replacing them with someone else who has worked hard and has done nothing wrong, I think they should be made an example for others.

"Several renowned international footballers and other sportspersons vanished from the scene in the past just because they cheated their nations. Their medals and awards were taken back. Today nobody knows them.

"Although they have served their punishment, but as they have been involved in fixing the game by taking money and bringing a bad name for the country they don't deserve a second chance now."