Mir hits back at Pakistan coach


Pakistan Women’s skipper Sana Mir has lashed out at coach Sabih Azhar after he labeled her ‘self-centered’ and ‘egotistical’ in a team review.

Mir claims she fell out with the coach after a disagreement over young bowler Diana Baig whom she wanted in the lineup at the World Cup.

The skipper has intimated that she will resign the captaincy and make herself unavailable to play if Azhar continues in the role.

In a Facebook post Mir wrote: “My coordination with the coach suffered when I insisted on playing Diana Baig, who was in absolutely great form. That was our major disagreement. Diana is talented and was in great form in the WWC 2017.

“My fight was to play a youngster in the team who is ready for international cricket. I don’t regret it. Moreover, we suffered defeats in this World Cup as spinners with the new ball penetrated our top order consistently in each game, specially left-arm spinners. We are also still short of players who can perform under pressure.”

Pakistan had a disappointing tournament and the coach has been scathing in his review of her performance pinning much of the blame on her.

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She added that she could not work with Azhar any further: “I would have preferred not to have had this conversation through the media but since a confidential report by the coach, and comments by GM Women Wing and Chairman PCB have been making headlines, I feel obliged to give a short response to clarify some issues from my point of view.

“I want to make it clear I don’t intend to continue in the future with the current set-up of the Women’s Wing in any capacity. I would still be sharing a detailed report with all of you to improve women’s cricket once I get back by the end of August.”