Misbah rues lack of international exposure

Pakistan captain Misbah-ul-Haq says the lack of international cricket being played in his country is detrimental to the development of young players.

Pakistan captain Misbah-ul-Haq says the lack of international cricket being played in his country is detrimental to the development of young players, and says this is why the Faisalabad Wolves couldn't compete at the Champions League T20.

There has been no international cricket in Pakistan since 2009, after a terror attack on Sri Lanka's team bus, meaning the domestic players have not been exposed to touring sides, and have not been able to play in IPL-like events.

As a result, the Wolves were knocked out of the CLT20 in the qualifying stages, losing their first two games by large margins, and Misbah, one of the only experienced players in the side, felt the team couldn't deal with the new pressures.

Misbah said of the lack of exposure: "Definitely, it has had a huge effect. When there is international cricket in your country, there is a positive impact on your cricketers.

"If there is no international cricket, and you don't get to see players in action, it makes a difference to your own team and to the players currently playing for the national team.

"When you are playing in your country, the confidence you gain from performing at home helps when you play abroad.

"I have said it earlier in Pakistan too that exposure and skills will only improve when you play more cricket. The more you play under pressure, the more you will learn to handle it, and you will become an expert at handling situations.

"It is unfortunate for Pakistan that there is no such cricket there, which we need to think about quickly. Right in front of your eyes, you can see players from all parts of the world come here to play the IPL.

"There are different leagues in other countries and you can see a tangible difference. You can see that in Indian cricket, young players are mature by the time they come into international cricket. They know how to handle pressure, how to build an innings, how to respond with the ball under pressure."

Despite these concerns, Misbah felt the short venture onto the international stage was beneficial for the side, even though they could not reach the main event. He said the experience would stand them in good stead in future.

The veteran added: "When you lose games, you are disappointed but I think it's a good experience for the team. Most of the guys haven't played any international event.

"By playing in a tournament such as this, they come to know of the demands at the international level. It's a big ask for them to come straightaway and perform here.

"Any player who plays at this level needs a little bit more exposure and experience, which we don't have. They can learn about how to improve, how they are going to perform, how they are going to get ready for this.

"There is a mental barrier, when you have not played at the international level. When you play at the highest level, you cross that barrier and break through. Then slowly, you conquer those barriers.

"The more times you cross the barrier, your ability will improve that much more and you will gain more experience too. You learn from your opportunities. They (the squad) have got three matches here. It will help them in the future, I am sure."