Morgan raring to go after month break

County Cricket

England batsman Eoin Morgn has not played any competitive cricket for a month, but says he is raring to go for the one-off T20 against Australia and then the five-match ODI series after that.

Morgan will captain the T20 side in Cardiff on Monday, and will hope to prove Middlesex director Angus Fraser right after the boss gave Morgan a month off to regain his mental strength.

Morgan thus missed one-day and four-day cricket for the whole of August, and even opted not to play a match ahead of the Australian series, and feels this break has made him 'twice the man' he was a month ago.

Morgan said: "To start with Gus was very understanding and brilliant in the way he managed it, because he said the priority was English cricket.

"That is a tough decision to deal with as a director of a county team.

"I can't imagine there are many county directors that would have taken English cricket as a priority over possibly Championship or one-day games.

"But we talked about the benefits of it and, sitting here now, I'm probably twice the man I was a month ago because of the schedule, the hectic nature of it, the amount of cricket we play and the very little time off.

"It started with two-weeks off and then we decided, would playing one game before the one-day series make much of a difference?

"I said no, I haven't played for two weeks and another two weeks off would be ideal, to be honest.

"I feel really fresh now. My attitude, my mind, my body is a lot better than it was a month ago. I'm raring to go."