Morkel confident of his death bowling rhythm

2015 World Cup

South Africa fast bowler Morne Morkel is happy with the way he is bowling right now, and thinks his death bowling techniques have improved enough to make a real difference for the Proteas at the World Cup.

Morkel went through a slight dip late last year, a bit wayward and overstepping quite a bit, but has worked hard on rectifying his rhythm. It paid off in the first game against Zimbabwe, where he took two wickets.

Morkel told Cricinfo: "I've enough time to work on death bowling, to work on slower [balls] and to practice my skills. I've found a rhythm and built on it and that gives me a lot of confidence.

"In any sport, when you have confidence, you walk around with a bit more mongrel inside you. I feel very confident with my game at the moment, and the way the ball is coming out.

"I've got a good set of drills and a structure to my training. It's not just about bowling now, it's about trusting that plan and not over-thinking."  

He tried to explain his fitness boost, as well as his increased consistency, and credit a lot of that to his new health plan, encouraged by his wife, sports journalist Roz Kelly. 'Less sugar, more greens' is the gist.

He explained: "It comes down to the way I train and my lifestyle off the field. Clean living. Green smoothies.

"I still eat meat. I've just cut out my sugar intake , I am very conscious about my sugar intake and the stuff I put into my body. I've cut out fizzy drinks. I drink water and I'll mix a lot of green smoothies.

"I feel a lot more energy when I bowl. I don't have energy spikes. I have been bowling longer spells and I've been quicker in my spells. With the training I have been putting in, I have to believe it's working."

He added of the side's ambitions given the lack of ICC trophy: "I've been part of this team getting Test awards and winning in that format; beating Australia in Australia; beating England in England.

"Speaking to Jacques [Kallis] and those guys before that, this is the ultimate dream for them as well and to win that trophy for them and the guys before us and the whole country, that will be the ultimate.

"It will be the ultimate for me, it will be the ultimate for everyone."