Mustafizur set for long lay-off


Bangladesh left-arm pace bowler, Mustafizur Rahman, may have to sit out for six months with pending shoulder surgery.

The BCB are deciding whether it is best for Mustafizur to have surgery in England, or Australia.

Jalal Yunus, who is the BCB media committee chairman, said that they will make a decision regarding the surgeon by Monday.

After extended delays, Mustafizur got to England and joined up with Sussex, but unfortunately after just two matches, last week his stint came to an end after he suffered the shoulder injury.

A UK based specialist suggests that the SLAP (Superior Labrum from Anterior to Posterior) tear, which incorporates the ring of cartilage that surrounds the socket of the shoulder joint, could best be treated through surgery, which would unfortunately rule him out for six months.

The six month stint would exclude him from the England matches in October as well as the New Zealand tour at the end of the year.

Yunus said: "In the last few days we have sent his reports to a number of places,

"We want him to be operated under the best surgeons. We have found two specialists in the UK and one in Australia. By Monday we can decide who will operate on Mustafizur's shoulder. He is mentally prepared for the operation.

"This sort of injury usually is treated conservatively but we are not going that way with Mustafizur because the doctors have said that it might recur in the future."

Yunus has stated that the BCB has always considered Mustafizur to be a priority, and that whenever there has been an onset of any injury, they have withdrawn him from the game.

This first happened in January during the Zimbabwe series, where Mustafizur was down with a shoulder injury.

Much of the Asia Cup and World T20 was also missed due to a side strain,

While his time in Sussex was hampered by hamstring and ankle injuries.

Yunus continued: "We are taking the best care of Mustafizur. We have always withdrawn him from matches whenever he has complained of any physical problem,

"We haven't seen him in Test matches that much. He has focused mostly in the shorter versions.

"We didn't send him to the PSL because he had injury. He had offers from the CPL. So that he is not overstressed, we are not letting him play when he has a problem."