Narine still adapting to altered action


West Indies spinner, Sunil Narine, has said that he has found it difficult to adjust to bowling with his altered action.

Narine was suspended from bowling last November, and forced to undertake remedial measures to ensure his action passed ICC standards.

In an interview with, Narine spoke of his struggle, saying: "It's been a lot more than five months. It's been a year and something that I've been going through this."

The offbreak bowler took 6-27 on his return to ODIs against South Africa in the opening game of the series, and despite his time on the sidelines, harbours no bitterness: " I think all cricketers go through some stress in their career.

"This is mine and hopefully I can get over it and go from strength to strength."

The Trinidadian has undergone months of painstaking work to and says it remains an ongoing struggle: "It's still difficult,

"I think the Guyana pitch helped me a little to relax a little more. I've been putting in the hard work and I'll continue doing it."

The tweaker is grateful for the success he has had since his return and is hopeful that it will continue: "Hopefully in the future I'll have as much success as I'm having now.

"It's a learning process. I'm happy to be back and hopefully this can be where I can start back my career without any stoppages, apart from injury."

Narine has been in excellent form in the tri-series so far, claiming 8 wickets in two matches and is eager to continue performing: "I've enjoyed the past two games and hopefully I can enjoy the rest of the season."

The spinner will be in action as the West Indies take on Australia, in St Kitts on Monday.