‘New balls, please!’ says wound-up Warne


Former Australia spinner Shane Warne has identified what he thinks should happen in the wake of his country's Ashes defeat, saying they should use the Dukes ball from now on, and need to make the pitches in Oz more diverse.

With England having win the Ashes already, with a Test to play, Warne was critical of the preparation the players had, while also saying that people needed to accept that England were simply the better team in their own conditions.

Warne said that the track sin Australia used to allow for different conditions, with some quicker than others, some taking swing and turn, and such. But with tracks fairly similar now, it's damaged their technical abilities.

Warne said on Triple M radio on Thursday: "We have to look at the conditions we are playing in domestic cricket.

"Every ground we played at in Australia in domestic cricket had a unique characteristic, whether it was a unique seaming, swinging ball in Brisbane or a fast, bouncy track in Perth.

"All the players that were coming up and playing for Australia were used to different conditions. At moment in domestic cricket our wickets are too similar.

"So when we get on a flat track we are very, very good and tough to beat. When we get on anything moving it shows our techniques aren't great.

"And that's why we lost the Ashes, because England were better than us."

The spin legend also said he'd rather see the Dukes ball used, which is what they play with in the UK, rather than the Kookaburra, as the latter doesn't hold its shape for as long, and doesn't swing as much.

He said: "The Kookaburra ball goes soft, it's no good, it doesn't do enough.

"We need to use the Dukes ball, it does more. It swings more and it seams more, so why aren't we using it?

"Let's use the Dukes ball so then we know whenever we go on a flat wicket if it doesn't start swinging and seaming we're going to be fine, but our technique will be good enough if it does swing and seam."