Olympic cricket on the cards for Rome 2024


Federazione Cricket Italiana, have confirmed that should Rome be succesful in its bid for the 2024 Olympic games, cricket will be among the sports included.

Thanks to all new regulations, host cities will have the authority to add five sports to the summer games, at their own discretion.

Perhaps in an effort to gain extra support for Rome's bid, the Italian cricket Federation have announced that cricket would be one of those five sports.

FCI president Simone Gambino told ESPN Cricinfo about the developments, saying: "If Rome hosts the Olympics, cricket will be included,

"We have had a firm commitment from the organising committee."

At this stage it seems likely that Olympic cricket would be played in Bologna which staged World Cricket League Division Four matches in 2010, although pitches may prove a stumbling block. The organising committee will have ample time to resolve this issue though.

While the format has obviously not been finalised the theory is that 12 to 16 teams will compete in the games.

Not all ICC members will be eligible to play as they are at the moment, Ireland play as a unified Ireland which they will not be able to do in the Olympics, while the same is true for the West Indies who may be represented by individual islands and England who fall under Great Britain in the Olympics.