Oz will ‘stick two up their nose every over’

The first Test between the West Indies and Australia will be played in Dominica, where two spinner are the norm on the slow deck, but Australia's bowling coach, Craig McDermott, has urged his pacemen to stay fiery.

McDermott says the fast bowlers will still be looking to intimidate the home batsmen, sending a bouncer or two down in every over and not getting discouraged by the possible lack of assistance.

McDermott told Cricket Australia's website: "We've just got to make sure we get enough balls in the right areas and be relentless and patient and stick two up their nose an over.

"Certainly I've been talking to Josh (Hazlewood) and Mitchell Marsh in particular about using the crease and creating angles if the ball's not doing much.

"They're both tall blokes so they're going to get some bounce. We're allowed to bowl two bouncers an over so let's use them."

When the Aussies lost to Pakistan in the UAE last year, they did not bowl the right line and length on the flat decks, and McDermott says they have learned their lesson and also hopes the Windies will swing a bit more.

He added of the Duke ball: "I think the ball will swing naturally here more than what it did in the UAE (when) we had to try to smash it up.

"The seams are a lot wider and a lot bigger here. If you get your seam position right you're able to get a leg cutter or an off-cutter by default.

"Our boys have been bowling with (the Duke balls) in Brisbane. They move around a little bit more on our Australian wickets, particularly at the NCC where we had bit of grass on them.

"But they're moving off the deck out here (too)."