Pakistan might be forced to boycott World T20


Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman Shaharyar Khan said his country could be forced to boycott the World T20 in India next year if the security situation does not improve.

Khan was scheduled to have a meeting with his Indian counterpart in Mumbai last week to discuss the possibility of a bilateral series but the talks were put on hold when there was an anti-Pakistan protest by a regional group.

The actions of the protests led the ICC to pull Pakistan umpire Aleem Dar out of the current series between India and South Africa for his own safety and Khan feels it could be unsafe for the Pakistan players next year.

Kahn said: "My own feeling is that we will have to go to our government and talk to them about the situation. What I feel is that the government will say 'do not go to an ICC tournament in India'.

"That is what I sense because of the uncertain situation for a Pakistani in India. You have seen the situation there. In this environment, how can we say? We will not have security enough there.

"Maybe the ICC would say 'you have forfeited the matches' and that's fine, we will forfeit the matches. But the decisions will only be taken when the doors [on the bilateral series] are finally closed.

"To me, the possibility of an Indo-Pak series is close to over. There are two points in that. First, all doors [to the resumption of bilateral ties] have to be closed.

"We will then decide on the matter in one week or so. India hasn't confirmed or said anything, but are delaying it. We will have to decide that this series cannot happen, and after that we will decide what our policy is."