Pakistan won’t ‘run after’ India any more

Pakistan Cricket Board chairman Shaharyar Khan says he has not desire to keep begging India for a bilateral series, and that the proposed series in the UAE in December is looking even more unlikely.

India and Pakistan have not played a bilateral series in nearly eight years, due to political tensions between the nations. The cricket boards had reached an agreement about a series in December, but that seems to be fading.

Khan, who has made numerous approaches to the BCCI, says he's no longer going to run after his counterparts, and that he hopes they will approach the Indian government soon, as they'd agreed.

Khan said: "I think we have said enough about the series and we are not going to ask them anymore. The ball is in their court now and they now have to decide and inform us about the fate of the series.

"I don't want to say anything more on the series. But what is causing us concern is that from what we know the letter we sent to the Indian board about the series has not gone to their government as yet.

"The series is part of a proper MOU signed between the two boards and we will pursue this matter if required.

"Relations between the two countries have been tense in the past as well but we still played cricket. But since 2007 India has not played a test against us.

"We will not run after them now it is their turn to decide and realise the importance of reviving bilateral cricket ties."

If the India series does not go ahead, Pakistan have not been able to formulate a 'Plan B' as most other teams already have fixtures organised for December.