Pattinson: Cricket is not my whole world


Australia fast bowler James Pattinson has played just 13 Tests since his debut, due to a string of injuries over the years, and says he's learned to focus on life as a whole, in order to cope with the disappointments.

Pattinson is set to play in the first Test against the West Indies in Hobart, with Mitchell Starc out injured. Starc made his debut in the same Test as Patto, but has player 12 more Tests.

Pattinson, whose brother Darren has played a Test for England, says he focuses on family and friends now when he is on the sidelines, and has learned that cricket is not the be all and end all.

Pattinson said on Cricinfo: "I'm probably not taking it as seriously as I did when I was younger. It was sort of everything to me, cricket.

"But now, having been away from the game, I've got a few things outside cricket that I enjoy as well. So I'm really relaxed with my cricket now.

"There's a lot of hobbies, I've just started a Diploma in Building and Construction so that's something that I'm really keen on.

"I've got a passion for the greyhounds because my brother is a greyhound trainer so there's been a lot of early mornings walking greyhounds around while I was in a back brace."

The paceman hopes he can take advantage of his chance in Starc's absence, especially with Mitchell Johnson retired, and keep his name ahead of younger and less injury-prone players for a while.

He added: "There's always opportunities with fast bowlers. Everyone gets injured at some stage during their career. You've just got to be ready to take those opportunities.

"Our bowling cartel is pretty close, we're always looking out for each other. It's really exciting to see Josh do quite well in the last Test and Pete to get his 200 wickets.

"It's pretty exciting to hopefully be joining them."