PCB boss slams unfit Pakistan players


Pakistan Cricket Board chairman Shaharyar Khan has lambasted his country's cricketers, both domestic and international, for being unfit, saying they are the worst in the world when it comes to physical conditioning.

Pakistan are currently playing a Test series in Bangladesh, and after drawing the first Test when they should have won it, the chairman decided to pay them a visit. He says he won't be taking action though, as a fitness 'culture' needs time to grow.

Khan said on Cricinfo: "None of our first-class teams measure up to the minimum domestic standard of fitness, which makes it difficult to select a national team. These things have to be addressed over time, and it cannot be done overnight.

"Our fitness levels are not up to the international standards. We have to take drastic steps now because we don't have a culture of fitness and this has to be installed." .

He added of Pakistan's form against the Tigers, which included an ODI series whitewash defeat: "I have come here to witness the last Test and give my support personally to the team.

"There is disappointment at the result of this tour but I was not surprised because Bangladesh have shown steady improvement over the last few years and cannot be taken lightly anymore.

"There are concerns back home with regard to Pakistan's performance, and I will talk to the coaches, manager and captain to find out the reasons for our unsuccessful tour. But I am not here to take immediate action.

"We have decided that we will sit down and assess the situation after the tour to see what is to be done with the team and the strategy."